Personal Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

This isn’t about helping people get a six pack or bubble butt. Quite frankly I don’t care if you can do 50 press ups, run a 10k or deadlift a cow.

I care how you feel about yourself. It is possible to look and feel incredible.

I am a personal health and fitness trainer with over 400 hours of experience in one-on-one personal body coaching dedicated to helping people improve their lifestyle and body using Yoga, HiiT and body weight strength training.


Reconnect with your body

Explore yoga and interval training

Reach your ideal weight

Improve flexibility & mobility

We have fun

You see results

I can help you in a number of ways through body work – please look at Move With Me for more information


This is often how I am for those that haven’t met me – click here 😉





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What I Do

I work with people to create personalised programs to help them reconnect with their bodies, explore what it can do, challenge it, love it, develop it and set goals to overcome problems.

I have worked with a wide variety of people and body types and adapt to the needs of each individual to help them on their journey. Some people seek weight loss, some to feel more confident with their bodies, some want toned arms and abs, some want to do the splits and touch their toes and others need to unwind and de-stress.

Together we work with the body in a constructive way, exploring movement, gaining awareness of our habits, trying to understand them and then find ways to improve our experience in life. We develop new skills and habits for a better lifestyle.

I pride myself on my empathy, ability to listen and personal approach. I create an open environment where you can feel safe and rely on my complete discretion.

We use exercises based on developing strength, mobility and endurance – I particularly like HiiT, body-weight training, kettle bells and Yoga.

Find out what HiiT and yoga is here



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What I Can Do for You


If you are in relatively good health and want to laugh, sweat, workout and move you should look at the Maintenance Program.

If you feel out of touch with your body and need to do some deeper work then you should look at the Re-Connection Program.



I work with people who suffer from depression, addiction, anxiety and disordered eating. This is because I have personal experience in these areas and can offer an understanding ear and am relate-able. The work I do is complementary to the journey of overcoming these problems and not a substitute for professional help.

Movement, compassion and my stories of personal experience are what I have to offer and can be incredibly useful aids as I have found them to be myself.

I am NOT offering medical treatment, or diagnosing illnesses. I do not claim to be able to cure anybody and I encourage people to seek medical advice, find a 12 step programme or seek out the assistance of a trained professional if necessary.


If you just want to ‘get ripped’ or find a fast track to weight loss, this isn’t for you.

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Please send me a message if you want to find out more.

If you are inquiring about working with me please send some information about fitness goals, where and how often you might want to train and what your current level of fitness is.