Why I do it

I know what it is like to struggle with your body (and mind) and not know what to do. As a youth I did gymnastics, trampolining and athletics. As an adult I have been through the mill of gyms, aerobics, dance workouts, running, cycling, spinning, pilates, yoga, interval training, you name it I’ve tried it and I’ve also done a lot of nothing and hiding from it all. I despaired, hated, violated, rejected, battled and resisted my body for as long as I can remember, not looking in mirrors, not wanting to be seen and my behavior patterns were unhealthy.  But now,  years of working towards re-training myself, my habits, my mind, changing my lifestyle, working hard, asking for help and support has paid off – in a big way – the journey continues, but I overcome the biggest hurdles and now I help other people do the same.

I have suffered with disordered eating, addiction and depression and work daily and consistently to keep myself happy and healthy. There is maintenance involved, it isn’t always easy, but I have a lot of experience in how to do this and keep myself ‘up’ and safe from slipping down again.

It has taken me years of effort to get to where I am now and luckily I have learned enough to feel confident and able to help other people. I am still learning and testing and see myself as a ‘partner/encourager/motivator’ in people’s experience. By no means do I claim to know it all or have a quick fix – this isn’t the way it works.

I am currently studying for my NVQ Level 4 in Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as continuing my self-study and research into Yoga, Myofacial Release, Mobility and body-awareness practices, nutrition, importance of circadian rhythms, and all of that etc. and so on. I am a ‘nerd’ as they say, and attend classes, read books, watch endless videos and love nothing better than to geek out over ideas and practices and see how they work/if they are effective.

I think the body is an incredible thing and we owe it to ourselves to love it and nurture it. If we look after our body, our life improves in all areas.

Healthy living and exercise can decrease stress, reduce pain and develop a positive body image all of which support a happier more fulfilled life. I have quit drinking and smoking and taken up yoga, fitness and dance in the past 5 years and know how hard it can be to break bad habits and learn good ones, but it can be done and I can help people do it.

I am kind, encouraging, committed and compassionate. I am not a slave driver, but I will make you work and address your problems face on, with constructive feedback, dialogue and a smile. Reshaping our body and the life it lives is a difficult thing to do and I aim to make it a positive journey that people want to be on.

I know how much your life can change if you lose that little bit of extra weight, if you can fit into the dress you used to wear 5 years ago, if you don’t feel self conscious about your belly for the bikini season, how incredible it feels to finally be able to do the splits, lose that ‘baby’ fat on your arms and finally see the muscle tone in your arms! In the past I struggled and despaired and hid my body and hated it, but through diet, yoga, positive  dialogue with myself and  a consistent practice I am no longer in a desperate battle. I have found methods that work and I can help people do the same.