My eggs are as good as they can be. Not my womby ones, my fridge box eggs. I used to be vegan-anti-egg-eating, but I eat them now and try my best, to buy the best - the price for 'good' eggs is of course more than Netto's 12 for 99c - but I believe you [...]

Baby it’s cold outside

Kälte Hilfe is German for Cold Help and boy does it get cold here in Berlin in the winter months. I'm already wearing three pairs of socks and and makeshift hat-scarf combos. There are initiatives to get support to the people who need it in these colder months and one of them is KÄLTEHILFE.There is [...]

Drawing the bow – Dropping the heels

As a personal trainer it’s important to continue to be a student. If I stopped learning and developing my own practice, I believe I would cease to be any good at my job. In the past 7 days I have been teaching less, because I’ve been in London, but learning more. I got a month [...]

I’m in it and I told them I’d dance to this song.

You know the moment when you’ve been lost in the flow of the dance, moving along with the rhythm on autopilot and then the music stops, the beat changes or the lights come on, you stop and feel startled, not totally sure what to do, can’t quite get back into the new beat, try, feel [...]